"Half Speed Ahead!"


Sometime last week we moved an aquarium in under the stairs at our house. A couple days later I was reaching in for something, I forget what. When I stood up, the steel staircase was occupying the space my head was entering - fast. Bang! For a moment I wasn't sure if I was going to make it standing on my feet.

Over the weekend I slept and slept, but thought it was just exhaustion from a long week. Monday I didn't take a nap and by evening time I was so nauseous and dizzy that standing up was uncomfortable. (Not to mention the headache).

And I am so tired. I feel a bit like Bartlet in the 6th season of the West Wing (we just watched that a few weeks ago) who had to pace himself to far fewer hours of productivity than he liked. At least I don't have to run a country!

The doctor says the headaches are probably from messing up my neck more than it usually is. My bad balance when I get tired is supposed to be because I got my otoliths whacked out of place. (My doctor called them ear crystals. I forgot to ask what they are really called, but Vani found a page describing something similar). Why am I so tired? A mild concussion I guess.

Usually I can keep myself awake and convince myself that I'm being productive for far too long into the night, but this week I've been done and then some after 4 hours or so. Going down the stairs in the evening (like right now!) takes an appalling effort and leaves me feeling completely defective.

It's very odd and frustrating to be at a loss of mental (from the tiredness) and physical capacity (exhaustion, bad balance and clumsiness), even if relatively mild. Even if my condition is not only incredibly insignificant in comparison but temporary, it gives me a new respect for the family and friends of people with say Alzheimer's. Yikes.

Back to bed for me... It's been hours since my last nap. (And apologies if I have been harder to reach or get to do anything than usual over the last week).


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That blows. :(

Get well soon.

Hi Aristotle,

Thanks and thanks. "Blows" is exactly righ!

I'll have a look at the feeds stuff later (that's what I get for running the beta, I guess).

- ask

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