How mortgage companies make money

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RealLifeAdventures-2002.11.13My dear Viridiana has dailystrips putting her favorite cartoons (and some of mine) on her browser start page, and she pointed me to todays Real Life Adventures.

Last sundays Dilbert was wicked funny cool - too big to post on this page, so click on the link already.

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its not mortgage brokers' fault that people are financially retarded. If you can read you should be able to understand what you are getting into. If you are signing papers you do not understand, then you have a big problem, which is not the mortgage broker's problem. Mortgage brokers' job is to find you a good loan, and like anyone else in society, mortgage brokers work to earn money. If people claim to be such dummies that that cannot understand what they are getting into, then how about I give you one of your checkbooks, and have you sign it. THen when I cash it I guess you'll just say you didnt know what you were signing right? How's this for an idea, if you dont know what you are getting into, dont get into it. If you have a mortgage boker who is not explaining what program he is putting you in, then switch to another broker, there is an abundance of people out there who are honest and want to help people get the right loan to fit their needs. Bottom line, dont blame others for your own stupidity.

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