New Switch Ads; one in Icelandic

switch-iceland.jpgApple has made some new switch ads, with Yo-Yo Ma, De La Soul and a guy who's a dad. Apple Iceland made an icelandic switch ad with Einar Örn of the Sugercubes. Neato. It's really fun to hear icelandic. It sounds a bit like Danish, except that all the words are ranging from different to very different so I don't understand anything at all.

Apple US made take it down from their website, but they are still playing it on TV there. Or so the people over in the Mac Rumors forum says. (That's like going to USA Today for the truth). That sounds really damn stupid if it's true. The people there also provided a translation of the ad. It's about his friends talking about how difficult all the computer stuff is, but he got a Mac so he didn't have any problems.

(drinking too much of the kool-aid)

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