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emacscolors.pngI hate color markup of my source code. I hate the color output of `ls`. It's not that I am some fanatic, craving back to the pre-web days. It's not that I go around telling people, in a bitter voice "life was better when virtual desktops were in 80x25 using the 'screen' tool!"

No, it's more related to running my 21 inch monitor in 1024x768. I want to be able to see what I am doing. The color stuff makes it @#$# impossibly to see. Too bright cyan colors. And odd greens. It's great to get cues as to what type of files are in the directory when you do an ls; but not at the expense of being able to read the filename.

Maybe it's helpful to color code HTML markup; but for perl code I prefer to keep the markup in the indention; and for ls output I'm just fine with seeing the filenames and knowing what type of file it is.

But don't despair, it's easy to fix ...

It's raining!

rain.gifI never had a chance to try the rain dance, but someone else must have, because wow, it is raining! Just a little bit. And it's still pretty warm (almost 30° celcius). Water from the sky! The end is near! The clouds are crying! Thor is passing by!

Now I know when it last rained again; it's *right now*. :-D

Update: Hmn, it sounds like it's about over already. It only lasted like 10 minutes. Dang.

Update 2: Maybe not, it's still dripping a little bit outside. So nice. I am sitting by the window enjoying the sound of water and the humid smell of cold water hitting the grass and the street.

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