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Mac OS X browsers

navigatorbuild.jpgRael is plagued by MSIE instability on Mac OS X. I use a recent nightly build of Chimera as my default browser. 0.4 has some issues with plugins (or with QuickTime anyway) on 10.2, but the 0.5 builds are working great. Fast too! Mozilla is ugly. MSIE is slow and unstable. Opera (on OS X) doesn't render too many pages. OmniWeb and iCab are not keeping up. Chimera rocks.

I have used ChimeraKnight to do the updating. It also makes a backup of the old Navigator and shows the recent change log. Very neato AppleScript Studio application. (With a bad name though...)

New iBooks and PowerBooks

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ibookI am thinking about getting a new Mac. Not any good reason for it though. I'll try to wait it out for one of the new iBooks rumored for next spring. No new PowerBook next month if new models come out. No. I said no! Stop thinking about it. Don't do it. I said don't do it. No. No, it's a really bad idea. Don't. Geez. Stop it! No, not even if it has an even cooler monitor. Or a superdrive. What would you use it for anyway?

The iBook will maybe get a 933MHz -> 1GHz processor and the grapevine is talking about a widescreen monitor for the top model and a 13" for the small one (instead of 12.1").

Actually, I really want the iBook, not a TiBook. The small size is very appealing. I just want it to be a bit faster so it'll feel like a real upgrade from my 500MHz Pismo (it's working really well after adding 1GB memory).

Update: Now the rumors say that there'll be no new hardware in the near future. Suck!

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