Tax season

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I was preparing to do our taxes last week. Every year in late March or early April I realize that there's an account or two (or three) that I never got around to reconcile or maybe even download activity for, so lots of tedious work ensues.

  • Vani's been scanning lots and lots of documents into PDF files; I can't recommend getting a scanner enough.

  • I use QuickBooks for my corporate accounting and like I only sheepishly admit that I really like the new Radiohead album I'm also reluctant to admit that QuickBooks works pretty darn well for me.

  • Personal finance software though. Geez. Is Moneydance really the leading Quicken alternative? I tried it briefly and it seemed even more painful to use and I use a ~3 year old Mac version of Quicken!

  • Some of the banks are really awesome with letting you download activity from a long time back and having the statements in easily downloaded PDF files. Bank of America (who I otherwise generally loathe) and American Express are in this category. Chase (Amazon Visa) are notoriously not. Oh man, don't get me started on Chase.

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