To iPhone or Not to iPhone

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We were having lunch with Emad when he went off to the AT&T store to grab an iPhone from their just arrived batch.

After several seconds of deliberation Vani thought she should go get one, too. Off we went to see if they had more. When buying hers they told us that was number six out of the ten they got 45 minutes earlier.

I was (am?!) planning to keep my (completely falling apart) Treo until one or more of the following happened:

  • iPhone Revision 2 (with whatever)
  • Better email client (highlight to quote, etc)
  • Jabber client

But my wife the enabler helped me decide that I should get one too while I had the chance rather than decide tomorrow and have them be sold out again.

iPhone or not to iPhone

So, now I have this box and can't decide if I should transfer my T-Mobile number to AT&T. The T-Mobile unlimited data plan is also $20/month (but allows using the phone as a modem) so the monthly cost will be about the same. Hmn, decisions decisions...

Apparently they don't even have third party widgets yet (which is good in a way, hopefully we can get our internal YellowBot dashboard widget polished up and ready for the iPhone before they do).

If I had more time it'd be fun to make a web-based jabber client that worked well with the iPhone, but I don't quite have time for Yet Another Project just now.

Anyway, I'll probably open it tomorrow ... Or sell it the highest bidder and try waiting again. Hmn.

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My fiance and I both have this treo 650 phone and it is completely falling apart. The screws literally fell out of it randomly and the screws that I found and replaced tightly have fell back out again at some point. Then to top that off, out of nowhere they stopped charging. First mine then hers, So if we want to use our phones we have to keep them plugged into the wall which defeats the purpose of having a cell phone to begin with. Heres the good news, Go to your local repair shop if you have insurance and they will replace the screws for you once a week untill its completely dead. Then you get a new one.. Woooo hoooo..Maybe they will glue that one together instead.

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