MySQL conference tutorial

I am giving a tutorial ("Real-world MySQL Performance Tuning") at the MySQL conference Monday afternoon. I giving it with Jay Pipes and I think it's going to be pretty fun. We are covering quite ways to think about similar problems (and when we have overlap we often disagree! Talk about getting a "two-for-one"! :-) I did a trial run of my longer version for a month ago and I think I figured out how to pace the length, but we'll see on monday. It's tricky! I had the 45 minute version down pretty well, but in December I gave a one hour version at the Web Builder conference in Las Vegas and that was too little time for the version I had there to be as fun as it should be.

Uh oh, our tutorial is sold out. Cool. (Maybe they gave us the smallest room ;-) )

I am planning to be at the conference Wednesday/Thursday too. If you are there send me a mail or an IM ( on gtalk/jabber, askbjoernhansen on AIM).


Can you post your and Jays presentation?


I've posted mine on my talks page.

- ask

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