Vani and Knud Erik in YosemiteI too, "got a Vox". I haven't entirely figured out how or if I'll use it, but there it is.

Wether I use it or not, having it makes me feel better about crowding this site with boring technical or geeky content. :-)

Whenever I send an invite to Vox, instead of explaining it myself I point people to Nathan's review, so there you go. Bye, dear reader. Come back soon.


Hey Bjorn - nice site!

Do you have an extra invitation to Vox that you could send me? I've signed up through their site, but I'm not sure how long I'm going to have to wait. Any help would be much appreciated.


- Rufus

I also need an invitation to vox.The faster i get the better it isfor me

thank you


The vox invitations are open now. Just go to their site and sign up.

- ask

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