Oops, comments are back.


Side effects from the power outage made some of this site not work (search, tags browsing and comments) and I just noticed now. Oops.

Lots of pictures coming to flickr soon!


If you have an easy way to upload "lots of pictures" from Linux to Flickr, I'd love to hear about it.

Eric: Get a mac? Oh wait, that's probably not helpful.

Someone should have written a Linux tool for it, no? If not then you should be able to hack something together easily with the Flickr::API module.

Eric, I found your site in an unusual way,
trying to find the source for a graphic that I Googled up! Traced it to one site and their webmaster kindly replied below. CAN YOU HELP? THANKS!


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Hi, Ray. We don't own that image and I'm not sure of the source. Here is the image url: //i.askask.com/2002/06/tennis-ball-rebound-1a.jpg

aksask.com goes to //www.askbjoernhansen.com/

That's all I can tell you. Sorry.

Tracy Rolling
Platial Community Advocate


I'm not actually sure where I found the image, sorry!

It looks like a pretty generic stock photo - I'd try some of the stock agencies.

- ask

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