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Andy Lester writes about the NTP Pool

Thanks Andy!

If you have a unix-y system with a static IP, please join the pool.

If you are on a low speed DSL and is concerned about the extra traffic, you can set your "netspeed" low in the management interface on the pool website and you'll be taken out of the global pool. The traffic is very low, but being in the global pool still gives a few "spikes" once in a while (I'm working on that).

Conversely: If you have enough bandwidth to not mind the spikes, then we really need you to join the pool. Since adding the option the total number of servers has gone up nicely, but the global pool has stagnated a bit. Can't have that. Every day thousands1 of computers start using the pool; we need more to serve it too.

1 I've no idea if that's right; but thousands of new Linux installations a day doesn't sound unlikely, does it?


Actually, you don't need a linux system. My NTP is running on Windows 2000. You can get a build from the Meinberg web site.

James - how well does it work? I don't know anything about Windows so I (falsely) expected it to be a pain or not work well or both. :-)

- ask

I was just wondering about all of the ntp servers and how much difference the time zones make in the picture. Indiana has decided to go to Eastern Time for 72 counties and Central Time for the rest. And it was decided to use daylight savings time also. So now that I was used to using the "Indiana" time zone, it will be wrong starting April 2nd. I was thinking about switching the time zone to New York time. What do you think?
Kay Bejong
System Administrator
State of Indiana

Hi Kay,

The NTP protocol uses UTC, so the configured timezone doesn't make a difference for the operation of the ntp daemon.

Your operating system vendor should provide updates to your system so you can configure a new appropriate timezone.

- ask

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