Mighty Mouse update

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I've had the Mighty Mouse for almost two weeks now.

  • I learned to right click more or less consistently. Yeah, that's not so great, is it? In effect it meant that I'd right click on the mouse most of the time, but also hold down control. That was not why I turned it off though...
  • I learned that I'm a one button mouse kind of guy. Being able to just hit the mouse to click is more important than this silly right clicking business. So today I made the right button map to the "primary button" again. Yay. Much happier that way.
  • I haven't used the "side buttons" even once since I tried them to write my first impressions entry.
  • I'm starting to get used to use the scroll wheel, it's pretty neat. My "motor memory" wants to navigate it like you use the little red dot on IBM Thinkpads. That's a mistake; you have to use it like you would an actual wheel.

ps. I was out (read: in bed with a fever) from the middle of last week until yesterday, so if you were waiting for a mail or some such from me: I should catch up soon.

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