Apple Mighty Mouse


apple mighty mouseUPS dropped off my Mighty Mouse ($47 at Amazon) today.

I haven't had it for an hour yet, but here are a few first impressions:

  • It has the same problem as the wireless mouse - it's just not shiny. I like the look of the pro mouse
  • Unlike the wireless mouse, it feels a little lighter than the pro mouse.
  • I can't make the "second button" work consistently. My usual way of clicking the left button is "put a bit more pressure on the whole mouse" �?? no fine-motor-control-finger-motion for me, so I might not even be holding the mouse right.
  • The good news is that the design that makes the right click not work for me allows me to keep left clicking like I used to (I don't like regular mice so much because I can't do that).
  • I tried reassigning the trackpoint button which is easy to click to "secondary button", but no can do.
  • I'm not sure I care about the right click button, I didn't miss it before.
  • The trackpoint thing seems pretty neat, but I'm not sure I'm going to use it. Much too much fine finger motor control required which is entirely incompatible with my RSI infested hands.
  • The side buttons barely barely have any tactile feedback. They are pretty hard to press; I can't imagine using them much.

Will I keep it on my desk? Not sure... The wireless mouse ($59 at Amazon) didn't make it many minutes on my desk (we use it for the mac mini with the projector now), but this one is at least going to get a chance.

update - I posted a quick update.


Also re RSI: yoga seems to help a lot. many of the postures are not designed specifically for RSI but many stretch your wrists and fingers. Plus, the workout affects your entire body in a beneficial way - it could very well be that a misaligned big toe could make your wrists hurt a bit more, ya never know. :)

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