Audible Bell volume in the OS X terminal


How can I adjust the volume for the "audible bell" in on OS X? It's not paying attention to the "Alert Volume" in Sound preferences and I can't find another preference for it.

I find the "Visible Bell" even more annoying, so that's not a solution. I'd like to keep using the default Terminal program.

I used iTerm once. I stopped when it grew to use hundreds of megabytes of memory after having some log files scroll through a window for a couple of days and the authors response was "don't do that".


Apple-I. Under "Emulation". "Audible Bell".

That sure makes it quiet, but I'd like to still hear it, just very softly.

Or actually, on the powerbook I have it turned off entirely so maybe I won't miss it if I just turn it off. Hmn...

Actually, iTerm recently added a feature to let you control the size of the scrollback buffer so it shouldn't eat heaps of memory (excuse the pun)

due thanks a lot :)
i just needed that tip of info :)

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