Mac Mini arrived


Ooh, got the Mac Mini this morning. The box it comes in is Tiny. tiny! actually. It's very spiffy. More like my DP 1.4GHz PowerMac than my 867MHz PowerBook. And a lot cheaper than either.

I haven't been in a properly quiet environment with it yet, but it seems very quiet so far.

It arrived with iLife '04 installed and iLife '05 on a separate DVD.

iWork didn't get here yet, but should soon. I'm really looking forward to using Pages instead of Adobe InDesign for writing letters...

I ordered a 1GB memory stick from NewEgg which should get here soon. Hopefully someone will post pictures on how to take it apart so I won't have to figure it out. :-)

James Duncan Davidson is also getting a Mac Mini to use as a really fancy DVD (etc) player...

iPod Shuffle? A steal at twice the price (although the comparison should be with other USB drives rather than a memory stick...)

Update: Brad Choate IM'ed me a link to a take-it-apart video. (And roughly at the same minute Lars Thegler added the links to the comments here; don't mind me -- I live under a rock)


Can one play mp3's and stuff from the mac mini thing without connecting keyboards and monitor?

Congrats with your new toy! There is a video around of how to pull the Mini apart here.

Did you add Bluetooth?

Also, not sure why you're not using LaTeX for letters. I switched to LaTeX for both letters and requirements documents a few months ago and haven't looked back.

Hi, Ask!

So, does this Mac thing take regular memory modules we use for PC-s for memory upgrades? Which ones?

Indeed 1/4 Gb is too little, so how much did it cost you to upgrade to 1Gb?

Sorry, I'm also living under a rock, but you're a live soul who could enlighten me.

(Never really thought about getting Mac home, but Mini is really seductive, if only not for so little memory...)


Congrats. Mine shipped 10 hours after yours did, but appears to be still floating somewhere between Shenzen and Anchorage according to FedEx. Of course, the status has that it left Shenzen again after leaving the ramp in Anchorage. Totally weird. Hopefully, it's just confused and it's going to arrive at my doorstep any minute now. Not that I'm expecting that.

Ok. I've got my take-it-apart video up for your viewing pleasure: -- Enjoy!

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