No Permitted Trucks Allowed


no permitted trucks allowed

This is beautiful. At least I had a good type trying to make No Permitted Trucks fit in my brain in some way that made sense. (No, I didn't succeed. Can you make it make any sense?).

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Trucks over four tons require a "heavy truck" permit. Trucks carrying death rays require a "dangerous ordinance" permit. These trucks are permit-ed. They are not allowed in this residential area, so no permitted trucks are allowed.

See? Perfectly reasonable. Or do you WANT death rays in our neighborhoods?

In this context it means "permitted" as in "having a permit". In New York, this would say "No R Permit Vehicles", which is the permit to carry radioactive material.

That's probably what they're referring to.

well, then - i guess that explains our cluelessness perfectly! we're not too fond of radioactive material here in Cali (we leave that to Nevada) and i believe that most SUVs here are close to 4 tons. :o)

the proper way to say this would be "trucks which require a permit are not allowed here".
rather long for a sign...

the above is correct;
any commercial vehicle that requires a permit oversize, overheight, overweight.
so a typical 80,000 lb truck is ok to go down this hill at no more then 35 mph

"R" Permits (NY) have nothing to do with radiation! It involves weight ratings. See:

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