Beautiful numbers



512 mails I love pretty numbers. I get excited when I see a pretty license plate. Or when the time is 16:32. Or when my car has driven 36912 miles. Or when I can get my car to drive at a speed that makes the speedometer and the tachometer be at the same place in the dial. I remember phone numbers and pin codes via the relationship between the numbers. And so on. This morning I had 512 messages marked unread before deleting a batch of cron mails and other such nonsense and after deleting a bit of weblog spam in the database I ended up with 1111 comments left. Too bad I hadn't written four more entries too! (Or one less. One less would have been good).

(oh, I wrote about that before)


Just seeing more of the beauty in the world! :-)

i'm the same way. i have my alarm clock set for 7:27, used to be 7:34, was 6:42 for awhile

I move money around in my bank accounts to make prettier numbers. One savings account has $4096, and another has the same digit in all seven places. Palidronic numbers are good, too. :)

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