Logan's Run remake makes us mature faster


Logan's Run There's a remake of Logan's Run (1976) in the works. From the plot outline at IMDB it'd appear that in 2005 you are too old when you are 21 rather than 30 as it was in 1976. I'm not sure what it means, but it doesn't seem like a good thing. Let the kids be kids already. The twenty-somethings too, please.

(the NY Times story When a Video Game Stops being Fun about the employment thing at E.A. games made me look it up - via Jim Winstead)


In the original book, the age was 21. It's the 1976 film that is out of step :)

Just stumbled across this surfing for Logan's Run merch... but FYI, the original age for Carousel in the book was 21. The original movie altered it to 30.

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