ApacheCon wrap


ApacheCon was a lot more fun than I had expected. Lots of people to meet and see again, it was great. Having half the talks be about java-something limits the selection a bit for me, but there were quite a few httpd or general "web stuff" talks that were fun. My talk was in one of the big rooms and it was pretty packed, thanks for coming everyone! :-) The questions I got at the end of the talk and in the hallway were all relevant and clueful, so that was a good sign. I had a lot of material and the talk is mostly about concepts so I was worried that it went by a bit too fast.

We went to Michael Radwin's HTTP Caching talk afterwards and it had some very good advice, go read the slides! There wasn't much I didn't know already, but being reminded that any cookies in the domain often will ruin caching was good.

Driving home only took about 4 hours, yay for weekday traffic through the desert.


yeah, it was good fun -- very interesting for an ApacheCon n00b like myself ;)

Somehow or other I managed to not meet up and say "hi" -- sorry about that! I think we just had too much SA hacking going on, trying to get 3.0.2 out.

(ps: Justin Erenkrantz tells me you and Matt are considering doing the Apache prefork algorithm in qpsmtpd. have you got any code yet? I'm most of the way through implementing it for SA.)

Sorry I missed your talk, it conflicted with mine, otherwise I totally would have been there for it. Ironically, two talks I wanted to see (yours and the lightning talks) were both running parallel with mine. I have the worst luck with scheduling.

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