gmail being useful after all


For a while I was trying to read my mail through gmail, but using a web interface to read mail just didn't agree with me.

However, their service is useful after all! The new POP service comes with authenticated SMTP as well, so without having to enable POP you can use (enable SSL and use your regular gmail username and password) to send mail. I've been using it for a few days for some of my mail and it seems to work alright. (I had one mail that either disappeared or got delayed, but everything else has been passing through their system in a few seconds).

update: eh, Evan pointed out to me that it's not that cool at all. Either I didn't pay attention when I tested it first, or they changed it in the last few days. See the comments.


My Gmail account hasn't been upgraded with POP support yet, but I've heard that the SMTP server is rewriting the From: header to be the Gmail account address instead of the address originally on the message.

Just a heads-up, in case you weren't aware. (Or maybe a total waste of time, if you were or if this rewriting business isn't true.)

Evan, indeed it does! Doh. That pretty much ruins it...

I thought I looked for it, but somehow I missed it earlier.


- ask

That's rather cool I think, it will help reduce the amount of spam, since they are not able to spoof the headers, in particular with the origin address.

I didn't check it myself, but I suspected it did it because it also stores a copy of your sent message into your Sent Mails.

I bet that the From: header rewriting has something to do with Gmail's use of DomainKeys.

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