U.S. Inspires World With Attempt At Democratic Election

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The Onion reports:

In the weeks leading up to the election, both of America's political parties alleged fraud in voter registration. Additionally, experts debated the reliability of electronic voting machines, which experienced problems in trial runs and leave no paper trail. Election officials also bemoaned many states' use of outdated punchcard machines.

Considering such disputes, Salman said he was "touched and gladdened" that voter turnout for the U.S. election nearly approached voter-turnout rates for Afghanistan's first popular elections in October, when 69 percent of citizens cast ballots.

"True, voter turnout in many parts of the world tops 90 percent," Salman said. "But it's understandable that the rate is lower in countries such as Afghanistan, where the government has raised fears of possible terrorist attacks at the polls. Our people showed great courage."

we are home again, so listening to KCRW and reloading washington monthly and the other links from my last post.

Leonard and I just talked about that it looks like we can put the internets vets site to use for another 4 years after all. f#$%#. We are also working on an "indyakamai" (as someone put it) service.

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