No, Robert and I are not hosting CPAN Search. The box seems to be down, so someone probably needs to go and boot it. No, we don't know when it'll be back. Yes, hopefully it'll be soon. (I don't think they have a console server).

_update:_ yes, the site is running again. And Graham is working on getting mirrors setup.


BTW Ask, talking about CPAN -- any chance you could get a copy of this?

it's Mark Fowler's web UI for the Module::CoreList module, which provides a way for a user to find out when a module (or given version of a module) was first added to the perl core. it's a really useful tool for perl package developers...

Justin, why should we host a copy of it? Isn't it working alright where it is? :-)

- ask

ping! ;)

hey Ask --

guess what weblog posting I just came across while looking for the web UI for Module::CoreList... it turns out that has now gone AWOL.

it'd be really cool if it could be reinstated somewhere on ;)

Hrm. Not any more. :(

"The requested URL /modulecorelist/ was not found on this server."


sure -- if we had a copy of it. If you can arrange for that, then I'll try to get it setup on one of our boxes.

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