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The server hosting the subversion and CVS repositories, request tracker and our spam and virus filters took "a break" with a billion SCSI errors a few hours ago. It should be completely up again soon.

Hurrah again for the console server. Had it not been for that and the fancy power strips I'd be in the datacenter downtown cursing at the server instead of home cursing at it.

Ironically it's one of our older (lots of our hardware is old, but this one is Really Old) boxes and we have been working slowly on moving stuff off it... Time to speed that up.

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Doesn't it just make you want to get 50 million miles of varnished copper wire, a billion tiny ferrus donuts, and make weave your own gigabyte sized core memory? I think BSD has surpassed the reliability of magnetic storage. I'm knocking on wood as I write this. And Linux. Hell, maybe even Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, if the comparison is against those wretched "Maxtor" abominations. The way to go might just be a multi-gig RAM disk with daily dd's to magnetic media. Maybe I'm just bitter.

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