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Apple Pro Mouse vs Wireless Mouse

Before christmas while picking up an iSight for my mom (and one for myself) I also got myself a Wireless Mouse.

Unpacking it quickly revealed the first major problem: It's not shiny. Not "not shiny enough", it's just not shiny. At all.

Apple Wireless Mouse

Besides the non-shininess the design isn't so bad. The on/off switch is pushing a door away from the optical eye, very neat. Installation with Panther was a breeze, even using both mice at the same time works fine. A positive surprise was that it does have adjustable click-tension.

Usage wasn't quite so delightful though. Clicking with tension set to "minus" is fine, but the darn thing is slightly bigger and much heavier than the ordinary pro mouse. My poor arm and shoulder gets tired pushing it around for just a few minutes. No fun at all.

A wireless keyboard seems pretty pointless (unless you use it to play games on a giant tv). But a wireless mouse? Well, it would be kinda neat if it was 1) not huge. 2) not heavy like a truck. 3) shiny.

The iSight however is mighty neat. I couldn't make the "holder" fit well on my Dell monitor, but the one to put it on the Powerbook works nicely (except there I'd like the firewire cable to be shorter). And why is the cable to hard to detach from the camera?


i just picked up a new 15 pb after going apple-less for a year. sold my tibook, back then, and picked up dell x200 for coding and compaq tc1000 for note taking in class. (cisco networking school). anyway, i grabbed a new wireless mouse. i like it. was thinking of trying to meld an apple wired and and wirelss mouse to get the shiny back. just wanted to give some feedback. best to ya!

whoa. your comments box aint kicking in any line returns for me!

I cannot buy apple mice due to their single button. C'mon!

The apple wireless mouse is the most beautiful mouse ever. It is shiny. A gorgeous glowing milky white. Great product design.

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