Small obsessions


One of my small obsessions is with showers. I easily take a couple in a day, even if I'm not even leaving my apartment. In the summer I think it's rare that I don't. Slightly restless? A bit uncomfortable? Get up and grab a snack? No. I use showers how I imagine other people will eat snacks.

Today I took a shower an hour after I woke up, and then a couple of hours later I was still in my bathrobe and ended up taking another shower instead of getting dressed.

Of course afterwards I still didn't get dressed and when I finally did I put on shorts, a t-shirt and running shoes and went running for a bit. I just got back and of course now it's time for another shower.

A month or two ago I had a week and a half where I went running two days out of three. At the same time I consistently went to sleep around midnight and got up between seven and nine every morning. You have no idea how unlike me that is. I wasn't really productive in the mornings though. Most days I'd not figure out to do anything useful until around 10. Instead I'd just look confused at the clock and wonder what the numbers meant. Of course it didn't stay that way. One night I was so into whatever I was working on, that I forgot to go to sleep until dawn and all was back to normal. It was nice while it lasted though. Maybe I'll try again some day.

Now I try running for a bit once a week and I seem to mostly be keeping it up. I've lost a bunch of weight, I think. I should buy a scale and find out. My only measure is that not using a belt with my regular size jeans is entirely impossible. Is it because of my marginal amount of exercise? Doubtful.

It's also unlikely that it's because I started being a vegetarian again. I had been eating meat for almost ten years and for no particular reason late last year I decided that was enough and stopped again. At first I'd eat fish and white meat occasionally, but now I don't think I can make myself eat chicken. Maybe I still eat seafood.

The last weeks I've had a need-only-a-small-meal-a-day period after a long time of the opposite ("must eat every couple of hours"). Maybe that's why I'm shrinking. Hmmn. When will they come out with an ethernet upgrade for the body so I can login and check it out?

Anyway, off to the shower...


you are clearly obssessed with showering. however, i do agree with you - i will never leave the house without showering and showering after a workout is required.

I don't know how I got here.. it was like all of a sudden i clicked something and your page appeared. You sound like an interesting guy. Anyways, cheers from Canada!

I generally shower before I go to bed and then when I wake up in the morning if my hairs all screwed up (often is - it needs cut) and especially after workouts but take it to a new level! :) Must have one hell of a water bill

Shower is where you have been getting your creative and useful thoughts. Don't stop it.., Find more places where you can get such things.

Hi people ;-)
Very interesting Blog. I shower each day once. Mostly evening however after a Workout also morgends. Sorry my written English is unfortunately very bad.

You are very very weird and i would be very scared to know a person like u.

ever taken a bath? quite relaxing and erotic.

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