Panther release date

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Apple announced that panther is coming out on October 24th. It's very cool. It's not at all the minor upgrade that a .2 to .3 change sounds like. I'm not sure I should admit that I found out about the release date while in the Apple Store in Santa Monica, mmmn. And I'll never admit to actually posting this from there. Ooops. The people rebuilding the patio thing outside my apartment are using cement for it this time and wanted me to either go out and not come back for 4 hours or not go out for 4 hours. "So I can't step in the wet cement?" "No!"

Todays most amusing activity: Add quarters to parking meters about to expire. Yeah, I know - not the best day ever.

Viridiana just went through all sorts of trouble to figure out her MT password so she could post that I am posting something. And this is healthy how again? mmmmnnnn...

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