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Between yesterday and today my dad and I have talked to about 20 different people (and a few answering machines) at Deutsche Telekom and various subsidiaries. They keep telling variations over "oh, no - we don't have anything to do with that". Some people promised to email The Person To Contact or call back, but of course they never did.

At last Knud Erik got the number to "Company Connect" which was supposed to be The Answer. He called them and they promised to email back who to call. Unlike Knud Erik I don't speak German, but I called them a few hours later (an ~hour ago now) and they told me that they were the networking people (routers and such) and didn't have anything to do with DNS. Aargh. So I explain that we had been told they could help us and so on. He found yet another number for me to call. Argh. An 0800 number no less, which I can't call. I explained that to him and he disappeared behind the hold music for a while before transferring me.

It appears that the last person I talked to could actually help. At least she could look up the domain and the person who had put in the order. And she wasn't in a hurry to disclaim any authority or knowledge about it and send me off to someone else. I explained that it was not me or anyone from the company who owns the domain (Netcetera). She said she would call the person who had put in the order and email me back.

Finally! Someone taking responsibility for looking into and hopefully fixing the problem, yay!

So, in summary, the service should be on its way to get back to life on its proper domain.

ZzZzzzzZzZzz.... Sleepy now, apologies if half of the above is entirely intelligible.

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