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We are planning to load balance www.cpan.org a bit. I'd like to find a http mirror or four for this.

If you might want to volunteer to setup your well connected httpd to answer requests for www.cpan.org, then send a mail to ask at perl.org.

A well connected mirror in Europe would in particular be interesting.


I'd recommend contacting the UK Mirror Service -- we already mirror CPAN, and we've just added a third mirror site with a gigabit backbone link, so we're pretty well-connected. Mail mirror@mirror.ac.uk and/or fill in the form at http://www.mirror.ac.uk/feedback/iwantamirror.html and I'll make sure somebody sees it.

cpan.yahoo.com maybe?

I've never advertised it, but it does work. We use it for all our interal CPAN stuff and some outsiders use it too.

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