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A young woman in Baghdad is writing a weblog Baghdad Burning. Very interesting; go and read already. This internet thing is amazing.

The other way to wake up, is to be jolted into reality with the sound of a gun-shot, explosion or yelling. You sit up, horrified and panicked, any dream or nightmare shattered to oblivion. What can it be? A burglar? A gang of looters? An attack? A bomb? Or maybe it's just an American midnight raid?


I'm a computer science graduate. Before the war, I was working in an Iraqi database/software company located in Baghdad as a programmer/network administrator (yes, yes... a geek). Every day, I would climb three flights of stairs, enter the little office I shared with one female colleague and two males, start up my PC and spend hours staring at little numbers and letters rolling across the screen. It was tedious, it was back-breaking, it was geeky and it was... wonderful.

(via boingboing via William Gibson)

You know it's geeky when a review of a jacket includes things like "Indeed, the jacket is distinguished not just by the number of pockets, but by the ability to run wires between them.". (thanks Robert).


Thanks. I'd seen her linked from Salam Pax but there's a lot of amazing new information there.

Oh yeah, and check out Salam's blog, in today's exciting episode, his house is raided by U.S. soldiers on suspicion of being a terror cell.

To who it may concern,

I first want to express my thanks and appreaciation to all who are defending our country in any action, past of presant. I'm making a memorial, scrap book for my grand daughter who is 2, concerning the war in iraq and 9-11 for her to look back on the tragic events that has happened in her life.

I would appreciate anybody that could send me facts, stories, articales, pictures, etc. concerning the war in iraq and 9-11. Your help is greatly apprecated. My thoughts and prayers are going out to the troops and their families and hope everyone comes home safe.

God Bless America.

sincerely: Deanna

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