mod_perl vs java


Mod_perl installations: 4.6 million hostnames, 460k unique ips.

Java Servlet engine installations: 295k hostnames, 37k unique ips

Different data point, the security space module report (for java look for "mod_jk", "Resin" and "ApacheJServ").

Yes, I realize there are all sorts of reasonable and unreasonable explanations for these numbers, but it's still fun.

Web Server Survey from Netcraft and Security Space. Apache is well over 60% now.


I've noticed that at least redhat in version 9 has their apache configured not to reveal the modules that come loaded by default. Even though every RH 9 now has mod_python loaded, netcraft won't be able to detect that...

java is overhyped sun crap.

Every problem has an solution. The used technique depends on the found solution and personal preferences. Everybody who flames around without no good arguments is showing his own stupidity. (I don't want to mention names, anon).


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