MovableType on mod_perl 2.0


I set my MT installation up to use SSL. While I was at it I also made it run under mod_perl again. Since I moved to an Apache 2.x based installation I've used it as a CGI (yuck).

I was running mod_perl 2.0 on the MovableType server anyway as I use it for authentication for the DAV server (so I can use my MT login to access the files). Now I made mt.cgi run under ModPerl::Registry on mod_perl 2.0. This is a test post to see if that still works. :-)

Update: Yup, works fine. Awesome.


Great! Can you post the details? I'm not that familiar with Registry yet

Yeah, seriously, could you provide some tips for getting MovableType working under mod_perl 2? I've been struggling with this all night...

are you getting @INC errors? I was getting these all the time. It's to do with the way mod_perl doesn't allow @INC to be messed with. I eventually added 'PerlSetEnv PERL5LIB /path/to/mt/lib:/path/to/mt/extlib' to the .htaccess file to get everything working 100%.

Hey Bjørn, your trackback url's are messed. They should include a // in front. This is not on the visible url, but only the rdf:Description,trackback:ping. View source to see what I mean

Typical, RTFM and you find out how to set up mod_perl correctly:

There's gotta be more to it than this.

Whenever I've tried to turn on mod_perl2 I cannot manage to find a way around some of the api elements that were removed between mod_perl 1 and 2.

Even with the compatibility mode turned on I get errors.

So what are you keeping from us? :)

Hi Chris,

To be perfectly honest then I actually stopped using it again.

I forgot what I did, but I had to do a bunch of hacking on it to make it work, and it was too much trouble when I upgraded. (I had it all in a subversion repository so I could merge the changes from the MT upgrades in, but even that was a bit more work than I had time for ...)

- ask

Yeah, Ask, I kind of figured it was messy, but Norman's comment above to RTFM was a little misleading.

This post comes up as the first hit for a Google search of "movabletype mod_perl", and I hate to see a lot of people lose days trying to get it working through what the manual says.

MT runs fine as a handler app when you update the Cookie module and remove all the $ENV{MOD_PERL} specific code as well as symlink the old Apache constants to their Apache2 counterparts (or directly replace it)


I have wrote a patch for mod_perl2:

Can anybody help me, and make tests?

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