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Please test my latest weekend project CPAN Ratings, but don't announce it widely just yet.

I put it on the production Combust server in the morning, but no one has added any reviews yet! :-)

unicodeunmagic.png (Yes, I'm aware that the server is making the ø in my name on the test review into unicode. No, I don't know why. It happens somewhere in Template Toolkit I think - and of course I can't make it happen on my development server and I don't have time to look closer this week).


why not just make it identify the encoding as utf-8?

I could do that, but then I have to change the encoding of everything to utf-8. Reading this it seems like that would be okay.

Probably the right thing to do anyway, but I'd still like to figure out what's going on. :^) Maybe next weekend.

- ask

You just need to binmode(STDOUT, ':latin1') to get the right output. But it's probably better to configure the HTTP headers to send the charset as UTF-8. In the long run, Unicode is the way to go.


Have you tried using the non-XS stash for TT2?

Anyway looks great, excited to see RSS so I can grab them at

Dom, I tried that actually but it didn't make a difference. Reading / fixed it. Yes, Unicode will be the way to go. In particular if I add the features for reviews in other languages as someone suggested. I should read more of the mod_perl list obviously. :-)

Gavin, most reviews are by distribution... You might want to keep that in mind. There's a feed of all the ratings in a CSV file (for Send me an email if you'd like the url. Using the non-XS stash sounds nasty. ;-)

RSS feeds are done now.

RSS looks great, could we have a link to the author's /a/id page though?

Looks like is broke, do you have a link to that message on another archive?


gotta sign up for yet another account?
This is ridiculous.

Mr or Ms. AOL user,

Which account did you expect to use then? Your account works for cvs, subversion, and most other sites.

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