Dirty Pretty Things


dirty pretty thingsWe went to see Dirty Pretty Things (trailer) today. A thriller, but with no sudden shocks. Set in London, but with no white Englishmen. With plenty of action, but no guns - or fights. The bad guy is in the business of making everyone happy, but everyone is miserable. A clever and intelligent script, but not too clever. With moral points, but not with waving fingers everywhere. If you want one of the usual hollywood happy endings you might be disappointed, but as a reader here I am sure you are not one of those people but smart and sexy. You'll like it. You'll be captivated. Highly recommended.

Audrey Tautou

They have started to run the Kill Bill trailer again (the same, or almost the same, as the old teaser trailer).


I saw this film more than half a year ago when it was released in London, and I can only concur - it's a very very different and well-made film. You'll never look at London in QUITE the same way again.

Having spent countless months in fancy hotels on business travel, I also now wonder more what really happens there after dark (say no more - see the movie)...

A.T. was mis-placed in this movie. She is an awesome unknown actor, about to be found very soon enough by the entire world. Meaning she is possibly one of the best serious actor's in the world. Just she has not made a good choice, by accepting the job for D.P.T. movie. It was distasting to see such a beautiful actor, acting out,the sort of things they had her act out in that movie. As her first movie to debut herself in english speaking language.

She did a spectacular/outstanding job in Amelie the movie. A.T. has the ability to be one of the worlds best actors. At the same time she is extremely,naturally beautiful. With those combinations, the ability to be breath taking through acting and looks, she should preserve her time in making some of the best movies of all time for us. We sure would love to see her perform one!

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