Making presentations, new Omnigraffle


OmnigraffleUsually I use a slightly hacked version of txt2slides to make presentations. Today I've been making something that's not going to be webified anyway, so I figured I should play with the fancy technicolor tools.

Keynote is super neat, but there are a bit too many "hmn, how can I make it ...." moments that ends up unresolved. Still very cool though. I used PowerPoint once and this is just so much more fun. When I make it save the presentation as a bundle the files gets saved in a way that's more compatible with revision control systems than such files usually are.

The new version of Omnigraffle is bloody awesome. I've been using it for a couple of hours and there's no end to the "ooh, clever" discoveries. The earlier versions were useful; 3.0 is amazing. When you resize an element it'll show you which other elements have the same size as your current size. Likewise for distances when you are moving things. So clever; and I thought I'd need to use the grid for that sort of thing.


Nice! Their outliner looks pretty usable as well.

Never heard of the tools myself, I'm assuming their Mac OS based?

Hi Chris,

Yes - it's for Mac OS X (and thus only applicable for ~15% of the readers, hmn... oh well :-) )

- ask

Thanks for clearing it up - In a few months I might actually be able to use it! ;)

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