Sore throat


camomileLike John Engler I've managed to get a summer cold. I've been mostly inoperative since some time in the weekend. It sucks. Luckily I'm not getting tired of drinking camomile yet. Viridiana thinks I should get some real medicine, but I like to save that for some day I really need it.

In the meantime I found out that Tropicana is a PepsiCo company; so now I only like orange juice from Florida's Natural, in particular since Horizon Organic got bought by Dean Foods. Yes yes, I realize it doesn't make any sense. Please leave me alone.

Brian started a weblog some months ago, and stopped again it seems like. I keep forgetting to add a link to Ben Hyde's weblog. Oh, and Kåre started a weblog (in Danish) about his and Line's impending trip to San Diego.

oooh, water is boiling. Time for some more tea.


Urk. I got one of those about Wednesday or so last week. In less than an hour, it felt like the temperature in my office had dropped a good 10 degress (F) or so.

blegch, I had one of those back in early July. It totally blew my mind since I hadn't had one in ages. I shook the initial cold (bronchitis comes in two stages, onslaught and recovery), but the recovery took two whole weeks, which irritated me no end.

I'm wondering if it had anything to do with my roommates taking an old air conditioner out of the closet and firing it up without cleaning it first, the dumbasses. *sigh* (which small detail I didn't find out until much later since I was on vacation when it happened.)

You have to wonder if anyone has even heard of Legionnaire's Disease, or not... *grumble*

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