The Truth Behind The Curtain - The Movie


[Damian Conway - Klingon Translator]The OSCON 2003 movie, The Truth Behind The Curtain is now available online. It has been slightly updated from the version we showed before the last keynote in Portland. We also added an explanation of the jokes. The jokes are so internal that even I had to get some of them explained; so don't feel bad if you want to read along while watching. It's seven minutes, and 50-60MB in the highest quality. (The finished DV file is about 1.6GB, a bit too big to make available :-) )

Nathan has been uploading other goodies as well and more is being added every few days, so go and check it out.


You realize, of course, that I will have to have psychiatric treatment after seeing the outtake regarding Ingy's modules. I feel ill :)

Not wishing to be a credit whore, but where's my credit for equipment rental?


Indeed! I can't believe we forgot that. I had sworn to never open that project in Final Cut Pro again (and much less the numerous illustrator and photoshop procedures I had to go through to make decent looking credits ...), but I've added online credits at without the embarrassing omission.

- ask

I saw, thanks.

I'm just glad it was useful.

Just a question, since this is the most recent thread...

What the fuck is this site all about? I stumbled upon the "Black hawk down" review and I was so interested. But for some reason, this asshole had to go and shut it down without reason. So I was forced to look at the rest of this rather useless and pathetic site and I have no fucking idea what this child is trying to accomplish.

Read this post and look at what he has to say at the end. A little moderation is in good faith, but shutting down the post only defames you, whoever the hell you are, Bjoern Hansen.


Check it out. As for you, Mr. Hansen, I don't know who the hell these guys are. And for the amount that you type up VS the amount of comments you get, you'd be better off writing in a journal which you keep in your mom's room rather than a blog.

Waste your time and money somewhere else where someone CARES. Can't you see half your threads are deserted? People don't care. I'll be surprised if you don't "delete" this. What happened to freedom of speech?

I don't get this

Dear Mr or Ms anonymous critic at,

You have freedom of speech; you can make your own website and write just about anything you want on it. (You see, you don't *really* have freedom of speech). In any case, if I deleted your posting "freedom of speech" wouldn't have gone anywhere. Please try to educate yourself a bit before you make silly remarks like that.

As I wrote in the other thread, I don't care enough to do "a little moderation" so it was easier to just turn comments off.

- ask

ps. You got my name wrong.

pps. about a thousand people care enough to visit the site every day to look for updates. No, I don't know why they do that either.

I can't play the film on my Linux-box. Don't you have a more simpel format, that my machine will accept?


Lmao.. Congratulations, You got my basic IP. Feel superior? Eh. I'm sure someone as "smart" and full of themselves as you could have done much more. Whatever~ congratulations, you've lost my interest.

And about the thread you didn't care about. If you didn't care to do much moderation, then you should have left. The only people that read that thread were ones who would have contributed to it. It's useless continuing this discussion with you, you obviously wouldn't care.

Good day, Ask.

Janus, a recent "mplayer" should be able to play at least the sorenson3/mp3 version.

"FreedomFighter", you are right; I don't really care about you being unable to continue a discussion I don't care much about.

- ask

Hey, Ask, the vaunted cribsheet totally neglects to mention my vegetarianism!


But the title in the movie calls you a vegan.

I updated the cribsheet. :)


- ask

Couldn't download :-( Anyone experienced the same problem ?

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