Just about recovered from OSCON today. Compressing the movie again again, it's now in v1.5. I'll probably put it on the server tomorrow. I'm considering setting up BitTorrent files for the movies as well. Would that be useful? Photos will follow in the next few weeks. I need to catch up on a bunch of other things first.

Suggestion for next year: No speakers lounge. The speakers lounge was just way too nice and remote. It was much too easy to get comfortable away from the "crowds" and only meet up with the usual suspects. Having more general lounge area would be nice. Meeting other people is 95% of the fun.

Postal mail from Apple today. The powerbook is installing on the firewire drive now. Shiny.


I see you made the same investment at ADC that I did, and had the same thing arrive for you when you got home that I did. :-)

Definitely agree with you about the speakers' lounge, and I speak as a non-speaking gatecrasher. There was a sad lack of good social space at the conference apart from the speakers' lounge. Hopefully this'll be fixed for next time.

same problem with "green rooms" at other kinds of cons. need to structure social space so people get to meet each other!

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