12" bliss

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12 inch powerbook~6 hours of the new powerbook. Like Jonas I really like it.

1024x768 isn't worse than the Pismo. The screen is really pretty. While it doesn't have DVI out, it's driving a 17" crt in whatever resolution just fine. I need an external keyboard for that or my neck will be permanently twisted 20 degrees.

Bluetooth without the USB dongle rocks. In particular because I can't find my USB dongle anymore.

867Mhz with laptop drive isn't as speedy as the dual 1.4Ghz, but about five billion times faster than the pismo.

It's tiny.

It gets really warm.

The powersupply is neat and seems more robust than the yo-yo version from the old 'book (not that it says much).

It's spectacularly boring to install all the usual software. Fink helps a little bit for the unixy stuff, but not quite enough.

The keyboard is nice, it seems like the keys are travelling deeper.

It's pretty.

That is all.

Janus and Astrid started a weblog about their upcoming (outcoming?) baby. It's in Danish, so probably only marginally fun unless you read that.

Jon Orwant has a weblog about his and Robin's brand new baby Amelia Grace Orwant. At 4:24pm, we became very scared parents of a blue, unbreathing girl.... How's that for a teaser?

Very clever and amusing: Cannot find Weapons of Mass Destruction. It's even more fun if you search for "Weapons of Mass Destruction" on Google and press "I'm feeling lucky" (via boingboing and Jonas)

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Same thing here, I`m very pleased with it. Nice balance between portable and useable.
The CPU is fast enough for the usual stuff; the disk seems to be the bottleneck. Could be OSX though.

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