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Dell LCDWhen I left ValueClick they let me buy the 21" Sony monitor I had there since the very early days for a very good price (for me, that is). Yesterday the picture starting shaking a bit like when a cell phone is ringing too close to the monitor. Or when you turn on a CRT right next to another. Except it doesn't stop after a second or two.

It was getting worse and worse through the morning today, to the point where I starting getting seasick. How uncool. I was planning to get a new monitor when Apple comes out with their next generation LCDs (and then get the 23" when it doesn't cost $2000).

I have a ~15" CRT, but it's tiny. With Expose it might be semi managable, but I doubt it.

So off to New Monitor Land. I can't make myself spring for a 20" Apple Display. $1300 is just too much. $2000 for the 23" ... Not sure it's *that* pretty. What's with the giant frame?

Dell is having 15% off some of their LCD until tomorrow. The 19" (~$635 + tax) looks nice.

Holidays suck. No delivery for anything this friday and I have much too much to do to not work anyway. Gah.

Update I ordered the Dell thing; it's supposed to be here when I get back from OSCON.


Have you tried CodeTek Virtual Desktop? It's not the same as a big monitor, but it's pretty good and it's here now, unlike Exposé.


That looks pretty nice. Thanks! I've gotten used to just having one desktop though; what I'm really missing is seeing more windows at the same time.

In X-Window it's a bit easier to deal with because I can make a window pop to the foreground by hovering the mouse over the window. Even if that can be hacked for OS X I can't imagine it would be a good user experience though. :-)

- ask

I've got a 19" Viewsonic VX900 which is really quite nice...

The Iiyama 19" TFTs are *very*, *very* nice. The model number is AU4831D -- have a poke around


I like Sharp LCD monitors. I have bought the analog only Sharp LL-T15G3 15" LCD
and the dual analog and DVI input LL-T1803 H Sharp 18" LCD Panel

Both exceptional values for the money.

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