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I really should get rid of the default MT template and do something spiffier. This is a bit too grey and this (fulifier via yoak) is a bit too colorful. What to do ... what to do ...

The friendly Airborne Express delivery person just dropped off Final Cut Pro 4. 4 DVDs. Must. Do. Work. Focus. On. Coding. And. Stuff.

It doesn't even install on a G3, so now not having a G4+ portable mac is even more painful. (No, the powermac with the old fashioned 21" CRT is not portable). I just can't bring myself to buy a powerbook when new ones are coming out any week now. Or maybe I can ... hmn... Must. Focus. Do. Work.

4 Comments is my custom, simple, MT site. shameless plug, but a good example of what can be done with a little MT-templating, css, and some shtml.

mx, yes it does look nice. The trouble is that I don't have time or motivation enough to take time to spend a few hours on it that'll turn into a few more and then it'll be a whole day. :^)

I also want to template my MT templates with Template Toolkit. And make it generate pages automatically with the "view" stuff in 2.6. Etcetera etcetera ....

- ask

I'm also putting off a redesign due to laziness, that and the thought of having to deal with HTML.

If you want to write your templates in TT you can use my cunning plugin:

Yeah, managing the back-end of the site is a lot of work. I finally moved to a more automated tool (from the makers of MovableType) Typepad ( Now it is easy to mess with the look feel. I recommend it, once the beta is done!

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