Where to buy DVD-R's?


[burn baby, burn]Mayday mayday, running out of burnable plastic.

Where should I buy DVD-R media (for the Apple Superdrive / Pioneer DVR-105)?

My usual pusher of computer parts is spectacularly overpriced for DVD-R's and the prices are not super competitive where I've last bought DV tapes and such (although they seem to be super cool people - and the prices are competitive for DV tapes, just not for DVD-R).

Google leads me to a bunch of places that seems like they easily could turn into infinite hassle, and infinite hassle is a bit too much for saving a few bucks.

So what to do? And what to buy? So far I've just used slow generic media for storing and moving data files. I'd like more of those (although 2x or 4x speed would be much nicer) but also some higher quality media for putting into normal DVD players. They say that the cheap generic media isn't compatible with as many DVD players? Is that true?

Oh, does anyone know where to get clear plastic sleeves? (Like the cheap paper sleeves with a plastic window but in all plastic).

Writing here was amazingly useful when I was choosing IMAP server for my mail spool at home; so maybe it'll be for this as well. :-)


Well, the Apple Store carries the things, though I'm not sure how price-comptetitive they are. (Useful for last-minute "gotta get 'em!" runs, though) Best Buy and Fry's both carry them, IIRC. (No Fry's here on the Right Coast to go check, though)

I recently bought DVD-R's and paper sleeves from, http://www.rima.com/ work fine in my powerbook.

Hmn, they seem to have the clear plastic sleeves here:


(although not nearly as cool as the cshell's Elaine pointed to)

cheap dvd'rs for any dvd burner

click on my name above or americal.com

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