Apple Worldwide Developers Conference


The rumor mill is going so fast the chain is falling off.

Apple accidentially posted specs on some "PowerMac G5" to the Apple Store for a few minutes Thursday. Of course some people think it was on purpose. Why would that ever be? To make fun of the rumor mongers?

Some sites also thinks we'll get new 970 powerbooks. How excellent timing would that be? I can only just barely get my old pismo to turn on now.

I bought Viridiana a 30gb iPod for her birthday. It's very neat. Two words for the supplied windows software: Really Bad. Maybe the 2.0.1 update will make it better. Or maybe xplay sucks less. Or maybe she just needs a mac so she can use iTunes.

I can't wait to download Panther next week. Whee. (Assuming they make it available on the developers connection site or that I ignore everything else and go to San Francisco next week - probably not such a great idea, although I think I might be able to score a free pass).

ps. Oh, and thanks for the happy birthday wishes in the comments and the umpteen emails. I promise I'll reply to the emails before long. It has been some busy weeks lately.

pps. How come I never sleep before 4-7am'ish. Is that healthy? Are you sure?


I worked on iMacs for 2 years. The computer of choice for print advertising. Though over the past few years I have used only a PC. I think I would be hard pressed trying to remember how to turn the Mac on. ;o) Thank you for buying me. I don't care WHAT the people at blogshares said.. I do NOT do windows OR make coffee! ;o)

It's been rumored that all intellects sleep way past everybody's bedtime.

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