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[Apple Pro Mouse]Noone liked Apple's round hockey mouse shipped with the original iMac. It was just awful. Too little. Too round. Bad designer, no cookie.

Some people don't like the newer (from 2000) "pill mouse" either.

I am not sure what's not to like about it. Most people rant about only having one button. Sure, when I used LinuxPPC I sorta missed a second button. In OS 9 I didn't at all and in OS X I honestly don't either. I think Viridiana has something against the size, which is my only possible complaint. It could be a bit taller for my hand. I have to ask her what it is she doesn't like.

So what do I like about it? Well, the things you become aware of when parts of your body becomes oversensitive (to put a semi-positive spin on it).

I love that there's no button. For my sore, tired arm and hand it's a total blessing to to put a bit more weight down instead of doing some awkward movement of one finger to a particular place to activate. Trust me, when your body throws in the white towel you'll know what I mean.

The adjustable click-tension will let you to make it work optimally for you. I usually have mine set to the ligh setting. If you have a heavier hand you just change it to require more pressure to click. Viola!

And then it looks neat, which is never bad.

All that being said it seems like Apple are coming out with a new keyboard and mouse. It's hard to judge the mouse without trying it (no major redesign except for apparent loss of the click tension thing (suck!)). But the keyboard, oh dear, the keyboard! From the pictures it looks like it's getting a heavy tilt built in.

That's #$%#$% backwards you idiots. The natural position for the hands is the other way if anything! No, years of keyboard design with optional tilt from the back has not changed it; quite the opposite.


I personally prefer a 3-button mouse on MacOS X, because I can then link the right mouse button to Command-Click which provides handy things such as "cut-n-paste", etc.

Argh.. make that Control-Click. Thats what I get for not using a Macintosh Keyboard.

3-button devices are also handy because you can sent one button for half-click. Click once to start a drag, click again to end the drag. This makes drag-and-drop more ergonomic as you don't have to hold the button down while mousing around to the target drop location.

I find that trackballs are friendliest to my body. In particular, the Kensington TurboRing fits like a glove. I had to put it up on about 1cm platform to get the height perfect, but now I've got three buttons, a scroll wheel, and don't have to move my right wrist at all. The motion from keyboard to trackball is all shoulder/elbow.

Macally makes a decent trackball too (the one with the glittery ball), but it's a bit small for may hand. I do like the fact that it's optical though... less cleaning.

The only time I miss having 3 buttons on my Mac is when I'm using X. Other than that, I hardly ever notice. And that coming from a gazillion-button-mouse Linux junkie.

I want many buttons. As many as I can use easily. I want to be able to tell them to do anything. How about this for my perfect 4 button (and one scroll wheel) mouse:

1 - Regular click
2 - 'Special' click - either 'right' or 'control'
3 - 'Back'
4 - 'Home' - as I have my 'home' internet page set as a frequent links page
Scroll Wheel - for scolling, silly

So, that's what I'd want. Does the new apple mouse give me this? No...and this makes me sad.

THE mouse for everyone doesn't exist!!
Everybody has to find the best mouse for himself.

I don't understand the questions about styling for a device like a mouse!! Of course, for selling it may be an advantage. But for the use it's absolutely unimportant!

The right mouse for me must fit perfectly to my hand. I prefer mouses with an oval shape, two buttons and a wheel-button. Optical of course!

But, never buy a mouse because of it's optic! Try it! Work with the mouse for a time. Only then it's possible to judge if it's the right for you!


As a pc user I must say that the Apple Mouse is perfect because it is the only mouse that can match a Mac visually; it is, however, quite useless once the computer is turned on.

That keyboards tilt the wrong way and still uses the qwerty-layout I have, many a time, sworn at passionately.

I loved the pill mouse; I think some people will just complain about absolutely anything.

That being said, I think having two buttons kicks ass. Someone at work had an extension that you could add to the Mac that brought up contextual menus (the control-click crap) when you right clicked. I have no idea what it was but I want it--I use a two button mouse since I share it with my PC and that would just rock.

Matthias, I agree on the mouse, but the keyboard no. Are you a newbie? I'm on a PC and qwerty is very simple to use if you know how to type. Anyhow I'd like to get one of these mice to go with my new PC case that actually is prettier than any mac case I've ever seen. Next step would be to get the keyboard and make an apple chrome fan grille for the side. That'd rule. I already have the mac os/x theme on here :) Don't really think I want an apple monitor. I mean, how could it be better than an NEC.

hello, i wanna buy a apple mouse for my pc, could anybody tell me, does it work with pc or not? by the way i am using xp and with an apple keyboard.

hello, i wanna buy a apple mouse for my pc, could anybody tell me, does it work with pc or not? by the way i am using xp and with an apple keyboard.

hello, i wanna buy a apple mouse for my pc, could anybody tell me, does it work with pc or not? by the way i am using xp and with an apple keyboard.

I think it'll work, but you'll miss the second mouse button using XP ...

yea the apple pill mouse works fine on pc but right clicking is a pain without that 2nd button :(

yeah i have an Apple pro mouse on my PC, it works fine, apart from no right clicking.. am still searching for a program that lets CTRL + click = right click...

How can you safely open the apple pro mouse?

> How can you safely open the apple pro mouse?

Fustrated by not finding a page to answer that very same question, I put together a page detailing how to open/fix these mice:


I have just bought an expensive (!) game called Age of Mythology for my iMac (under OSX10.2)

Starting the game I found out that I had to Right hand click for the game to work.

With a Pro Mouse, how can I do that?

Is there a fix or do I have to ask my dad to buy a new mouse ??

Havard (12)


You can probably do a right click by holding down control or command or something like that.

Otherwise get a $10 mouse with three buttons for games. I do it that way, the Pro Mouse for regular use and some random logitech mouse for games.

- ask

does the apple hockey puck mousework on pc?

I'm using an Apple mouse on my PC and I want to change my Background picture on my Desktop...which requires right clicking. Is there any way I can do this?

I have a pc and today I bought an apple key board I love it it has deep key strokes and sits nicely in my lap. My question is two fold? How do I get the Apple mouse to right click on my PC and how do a control alt delete on my new keyboard????

Thanks for your help...Victor Malliaros

Hi everyone, i'm a pc user ¬o¬, but i like so much mac -style-, i'm not here to blame nothing ore to say something about mac or pc, please help me, i like so much the apple pro mouse, i managed to buy one, and i connected it to my laptop (compaq presario) and it works but i've been searching the web for a program that allows me to use a right click emulation by only holding a key, not toggle, but i cant find it anyone can help?, (i suggest using the key that is to the left of the "1/!" (not numeric key) in order to do that. Thanx in advance! (sorry for bad english, not my language)

I like the apple mouse, but use XP
Shift + F10 on a pc is equivalent to right click.

BUT it is as if the pointer is in the top LH corner of the screen not where the pointer actually is.

So we are 1/2 way there if anyone can suggest how to get right click and pointer TOGETHER, then apple mouse on PC is sorted !!!

I love Mac stuff,but i am not Mac user...So i buy Apple Pro Keyboard and Apple Pro Mouse. The Keyboard so perfect BUT !!! The Mouse have lots of problem like:Heavy,no right button,useless button even HANG! - -' ........

What driver do you use for the Pro Mouse on XP. I've pluged in one and it sees it as an unrecgonized device.

If you install firefox you will see that this mouse does have a right click.....but that mac software disables this function... presumably so you have to buy the more expensive one

I just got my Pro Mouse today and I think it's great.

I actually like the one button thing. It doesn't require as much
activity to use the mouse and it generally does the job fine.

Nice work Apple.

Can i use the apple pro mouse in windows xp

Hey I have a new Apple Keyboard and the Apple Mighty Mouse that work just fine on my PC runinning XP SP2. I got same setup for work and home. I like how your able to plug the mouse into the keyboard.

I found a xp on apple program that has a shortcut for the right click,( ctrl) cnt alt del, screen print key and a multi CPU display indicator.
And has no Popups.

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