Internet at 80mph

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I brought my laptop in the car so I could try going online while driving (no silly, I'm just a passenger).

It works. It's I really need to buy the bluetooth adapter so I don't have to balance the phone on my knee to stay connected. And the ping times of mostly 1-2 seconds, but sometimes up to 5, 10 and 16(!), kindareally stink when you read mail remotely. I seem to get disconnected every 5-10 minutes or so. Not sure if the GSM coverage slips up or if it's because I'm not aligning the IrDA alright. (A bit later: Definately GSM coverage trouble).

I should find out if dial-up isp has any ISDN numbers and if T-Mobile supports that. With ISDN I could use V.110 or V.120 and get faster connects (but not faster transfers). I also need to install a local dnscache again and get squid installed and setup with aggressive caching.

So what do I use this wonderful technology to? Lookup store hours of the Apple stores so I can get the bluetooth adapter and to write about it in my weblog.

(Some days later .... That I didn't get to post the above tells something about how well it worked after all. I didn't try after we got to San Francisco. The web thing I did try were awfully slow to use over GSM. Yuck. I think it would be less painful if everyone would just start using proper xhtml etc instead of Huge Giant HTML pages with a billion small images).

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