Internet via T68i, T-Mobile, CSD, PPP and IrDA

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The other day I wrote about my new phone. I mentioned that T-Mobile supports CSD so you can use the phone to connect to a modem (and not pay the absurd per megabyte fees that is charged for GPRS).

Derek could not make it work at all. I just tried it and I didn't have any problems at all. Setup a new Network Location (probably optional, but I think it's easier that way) and set it up to use IrDA. I used the "Ericsson Infrared" or the "Ericsson T39 14.4" modem scripts. The others doesn't seem to work. In particular then T-Mobile doesn't seem to support HSCSD, which would have bundled up to 4 GSM channels to give speeds up to 4x9.6. Oh well. Some nice guy in the UK has made packages with the Mac Modem Scripts I used to try HSCSD.


Setup PPP to use your ISP like you would if you used the internal modem.

The next step is to press the connect button up in the menu bar or in "Internet Connect".

The next step is to start Safari or ssh (remember to enable compression!) and enjoy.


This posting was of course posted via the cell phone. As soon as I've saved I think I'll enable the AirPort and use the DSL again. :-) 9.6 is bloody slow and ping times are just about forever and a day. But it works and being at night it's free too.

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T-Mobile (Mild) Joy from Derek's Rantings and Musings on January 24, 2003 4:50 AM

Well, thanks to some tutoring by Ask I can at least get my T68m working using 9.6k GSM via IRDA. Read More


Well, this solves my "immediate" need (that being "connectivity while hell and gone"), but I thought there were significantly higher-speed options available that didn't require an outside ISP (or is that the stuff you're talking about that T-Mobile doesn't support?)

Thanks, Ask!

[posted @ 9.6k from my mobile-link, which - like you - I'll drop as soon as I finish this post *laugh*]

... and how to do it using Bluetooth insted of IRDA would also be spiffy. ;-)

I too would love to know if anybody has had luck doing Bluetooth internet connectivity with OS X and the T68i

I was able to do GSM connections via IR without difficulty (AT&T wireless), but Bluetooth is looking like a harder nut to crack. Thansk!

i have been trying for a while to connect to the internet via bluetooth with my t68i -- no luck. i have downloadeed and tried many modem scripts but they just do not work. i recently tried to connect via IR because i saw there was a ericsson ir setup in network prefs in os X. it worked perfect. let me know if anyone has any modems scripts that work with t68i.thanks.

Dan and Martin, I didn't have any trouble with it. See the entry on

I'm using the Ericsson 14.4 GSM script.

- ask

I followed the helpful instructions on the Apple site re: using bluetooth and Sony Ericsson t69i for wireless modem fun, and was able to dial my ISP's number via bluetooth... only it refused to connect. I tried all 20 of my ISP's access numbers, and couldnt connect to any of them.


I can connect up to the AT&T GRPS network via bluetooth and Internet Connect just fine. It's a snap. Thing is, when I connect this way, I get charged per byte transferred. I'd rather use up my voice minutes and connect to my ISP via a dialup modem connection, but this does not seem like it's doable with my phone service, which I think is *only * GRPS, not "regular" cellular or digital voice service.

Here are some screen captures from my recent adventures:

Thanks everyone. This works great with my T68i and Powerbook via the IRDA port, using the T-Mobile service. It's slow but at least I can check email on the go using telnet and PINE on our univerity computer.

Does anyone have any idea if the USB to T68i cables would let you do the same thing with an iBook which does not have an IrDa port?

Also, anyone have any luck getting this to work with a Palm device using the IrDa port? It would be great to check my email via my Treo 90 or Visor handheld.

So, If I want to use my T68 together with my PB G4, I may connetct to Internet without no extra equipment, just using IR, but if I want to iSync, I must use cable or Bluetooth-unit?

I got this to work via bluetooth + t68i + tmobile (voicestream) It connects @ 9600 .. but hey it's connection!

I just bought a T68i with TMobile service. Be sure to use the Ericsson T39 14.4 script first, it is the only one that worked for me. What will I do during my first bluetooth connection, you ask? Buy Apple stock, of course!

I have a Sony Ericsson T68i and T-Mobile (New York Area) and I use my T68i for internet access on my laptop (via bluetooth).

I use T-Mobile as my access provider also. (They charge me $10 per month for unlimited T-Zones, plus an addition $10 per month for unlimited k-bytes download internet access).

Here's the problem: I have had speeds varying from a pathetically slow 5kbps to an also pathetically slow 9kbps. This is a far cry from what they told me when I signed up for the service: which was that I'd receive speeds of around 55kbps (about the same as a 56kbps dial up modem).

When I called technical support they told me that:

1) This was a "known issue" with T-Mobile engineers, and they were working on the problem.

2) There was no estimated fix-date for this problem.

"Problem"? This isn't just a "Problem"! This is basically NO ACCESS. That's like a phone company not being able to make phone calls and apologizing for it as a "known problem".

What's amazing about this is that they've had this "problem" for some time now, and yet their sales-people are still selling 56k internet access even though the service does not yet exist!

About two months later (after my call) I was offered 300 free minutes cell phone time as compensation. I refused of course. They're not getting off *that* easy. I want the quality of service that I was promised when they sold me the service.

About a month after that, another tech guy called me and told me that I could use a proxy server to get the access time they had promised me:

I said to him: "By proxy server, do you mean a server which compresses graphics to a smaller filesize in order to simulate faster download speeds?"

He said "Uh... yes."

I said, "That's not the same as giving me the 56k access you sold me."

He said "Yeah. I know"

So they've promised to call back when the problem is resolved.

Basically the bottom line is this:

T-Mobile *does not* offer wireless access.


Unless you consider surfing at 1-fifth the speed of an old fashioned 28.8k modem to be "internet access". (And I'm not going to even address the frequent time-outs that their server has).

T-Mobile promises that they are working on the problem, but to those of you who are considering going with T-Mobile because of the T68i / bluetooth / and T-Mobile wireless internet access -- Forget it.

The service does not exist.

And worse: The salesforce will tell you it does.



First, thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Second, don't get ahead of yourself; it's still 2003! ;-)

Third, out here in Los Angeles, we're able to get about 30 kbps GPRS service. I just put together a proof-of-concept system using an Enfora GPRS 'modem' (dedicated data device, not a phone) with T-Mobile's Internet plan. I also tested the service with the Sierra Wireless Aircard 750 (PCMCIA modem) with the same transfer rates. Transfer speeds were tested at

Granted, these were dedicated data devices, not phones, but it shouldn't make a difference. Of course, the universe is replete with "shoulds" and "should nots." It's conceivable, however unlikely, that T-Mobile is providing increased throughput for dedicated Internet and data devices.

Does anyone else have a report on their transfer speeds?


Just got my t610 and can connect at 28kbs to 32kbs via bluetooth to my G4 which is ok if I'm stuck at an airport or some hotel with no hi speed connection is it worth the $19.95 a month? that is the question it is early days

Ok....I mostly can only find T-Mobile and Mac sites for this issue. I use AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, and a Windows Dell laptop. Hope someone can help me. I have no Get it Now, T-Zones, etc. I know my t68i has a USB cord I can buy. My laptop doesn't have Bluetooth or Infard (dont think so). I want to know how I can hook it up. I hear w/ Verizon W'less that you can just use minutes. Being that both carriers give me unlimited night and weekend minutes, this is probably the only time I would use it. Thanks for your help. Also heard about 39.99 thing form Verizon using Hot Spots and something else. Not sure about what it is. Thanks

Can someone help me?

just got the t610 with t-mobile. have a bluetooth pda. is there a dial-up number for email/internet access

Just to let everyone know AT&T has disabled any type of connection to an ISP besides thier own... This only allows subscribers of their service one option for connecting to the internet and a rather pricy one at that.... The thing that really pisses me off is they advertise many of their phones (like the siemens s46) to have a modem capability, but it's pretty much useless since you are being charged per kylobyte... but I suppose ATT can do whatever they want.. however they have forever lost me as a customer!

Hi, I have a T68i and a Toshiba tablet PC. The GSM internet connection via Bluetooth works but is painfully slow. What I need to know is if I go to GPRS will that speed up the internet connection on the tablet or is the problem between the phone and tablet ?



Does anyone know how to crack or unlock the Sierra 750 Aircard (it was orinignally purchased for T-Mobile) would like to use it on AT&T GSM.

I just got T-Mobile service with a T610, I am glad that other people are able to use the phone as a bluetooth modem, however is there some number that you are dialing up or putting info in the network settings? I want to get it to work!

I have ATT wireless connection manager with Aircard 750. It works fine on a windows machine (no big shock) but we cannot get it to work on Mac OS X even though it has the drivers for the card. Does anyone know how to get it to connect to the GSM/EDGE/GPRS network?

I just called T-Mobile via 611 and the Wireless Data Svcs Tech Rep said I have to pay $9.99/month for CSD. He said CSD is required to have faxmodem capability from my laptop through the SonyEricsson T610. He also said that data modem calls are not allowed at any price. Thus dialing into a corporate modem is impossible.

I only called 611 after trying to fax something through the T610 (Bluetooth) and a Motorola V60 (USB cable) with repeated "busy signal" failures.

There is no mention of CSD or $9.99 required for fax capability at I figured if I purchase a phone with data/fax capability, it should work. Not!

Laguna Niguel, CA 92677, US

Well, I have a question if I unlock an ATT wireless phone would I be able to use it as an ISP modem. Because right now I have benn trying to get it to work but i can only do it through GPRS and that is very expensive.
thank you

How do I set up my T610, laptop, and DRS-11 cable to connect to T-mobile's internet connection. Please help. Am using windows XP. Thanks.

I thought I would share my information about my T610, T-Mobile and connecting.

* You CAN connect to the internet with Bluetooth using T-Zones and GSM only not costing you minutes. Set up your bluetooth modem with the number *99***2# and leave username and password blank, and then you're online with your T-Zones connection on the Internet, and the reception is good.

* You do need the CSD to do faxing from your PC, and I agree, it is very poorly advertised or shown, I didn't know it had a cost until I called and signed up for it. Once you do that, faxing from a PC is no more challenging then faxing from a regular fax modem, and I do believe that does cost minutes.

* Regardless of what the techs say at T-Mobile, I have made a call just to test to a ISP (not T-Mobile's but another ISP for which I had a phone number, username and password) and it did connect at 9600 bps, and this was before I has CSD enabled as well, so this can be done, although I've heard reports that some ISP's mistakenly consider this an ISDN call, which may be pricey. I'll find out when I get my bill but I think I'm just fine. :)


I can only find posts on mac connections. I have an IBM Thinkpad, Cingular GPRS service, and a Siemens S56 phone. I am attempting to use the phone as a modem via Bluetooth but have had no luck with Cingular or any forums. Please help!

i DON'T HAVE A LANDLINE BUT WANT TO CONNECT TO INTERNET VIA MY ADVENT LAPTOP. i'M ON O2 at the mo but am going to renew phone and poss contract in a month or so and was wondering what would be best. I'm ok with computer stuff but don't have a clue about new technology eg blue tooth etc. Please help!!!

Could anyone who connected using T610/T-Mobile/ISP.

What access number did you use to connect?

*99*** ISP Number?

9600 Baud?

What is the combo that connects?

Any help with settings would help. THANX!

Hi, how do i setup my Dialup Network using the Siemens S56 driver's ? I want to connect my PC using IrDA or USB cable with Cell S56

Thanks wilinton

Scott Vieth at April 11, 2004 09:56 AM

I can only find posts on mac connections. I have an IBM Thinkpad, Cingular GPRS service, and a Siemens S56 phone. I am attempting to use the phone as a modem via Bluetooth but have had no luck with Cingular or any forums. Please help!

as long as you're still using windows, i've found this works well:
if you're bluetoothing, you may need to make sure you have a COM port set up for it, which turns it into a serial port, sort of. My bluetooth dongle came with software to do that automatically.

I will be really amazed if you could
help me. Ok, here is my BIG problem
I have Siemens S65. And i have Machintosh
Computer with IRDA on computer.
How i can transfer files between my mobile and
my computer. Do you know some Program for that
Please help me.

Greetings and
Sasha O.

I have a treo 650 with bluetooth and a nec versa litepad with a bluetooth usb
how can I connect my pc to the internet via my bluetooh onto my phone?

Hi ppl ... i need some help with a Sagem myx-5.
how can i connect him to a pc usig IrDa to have internet from the phone?
what settings i put for modem and for browser... couse i have just wap not internet i wanna use the browser from the pc.

pls help me

is there a difference between connecting to the Internet using bluetooth-enabled Nokia 6280 phone (dial-up connection) and using BandRich BandLuxe C100 HSDPA 7.2Mbps Data Card or another wireless aircard. I have T-mobile Total Internet service.
When I use my Nokia phone dial-up connection I get up to 150 kbps. Now I consider to buy the BandRich BandLuxe C100 HSDPA 7.2Mbps Data Card but not sure if it will be better then dial-up. Thanks.

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