Sony Ericsson T68i

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Sony Ericsson T68i I got a Sony Ericsson T68i phone earlier this week. It's cool. It's missing some of the Nokia touch, but it's ages better than both the Nokia 7110 I had in Denmark some four years ago and the crappy Nextel and Sprint phones I've had the last years are not in the same league at all. I still use my old Nokia 6110 I had with ATT as an alarm clock.

So the good things I've found so far:

  • It's really light.
  • It's small. Completely disappears in any pocket.
  • So light and small that it has that Japanese style plastic toy feeling.
  • The e-mail to SMS gateway seems to work fine (I'm using T-Mobile)
  • Sending SMS'es to Danish phones (and back) works to my surprise.
  • T-Mobile supports CSD so I can use it as a modem using my minutes instead of using GPRS to $1 per megabyte
  • Add to the wireless modem unlimited minutes in the weekend and it's pretty neat.
  • Adding a background image is Too Neat. And I never even understood the changing face plates thing.
  • It comes with a handsfree thing.
  • The blue light that flashes when bluetooth is activated is Really Sexy. As sexy as little blue lights come anyway.
  • The blue keyboard backlight is neat too.
  • The screen is *bright*.

There are also bad things of course
  • iSync does not support IrDA. I'll have to pick up a bluetooth adapter next time I go by the local Apple store.
  • The buttons are tiny and cheap plastic like. I'm sorta getting used to it, but it's not great. They could not be much bigger, but they could be better.
  • The speaker isn't super loud. Usually loud enough, but why can't it be louder?
  • Vibrator Alert is weak. I'm not sure I will feel it in an outer pocket in my jacket.
  • No external speaker (which is only redeeming quality - or quality at all - with Nextel/Motorola phones). Would have been great for listening to voice mails and navigating the oh-so-popular-with-too-many-companies touch tone navigation systems.
  • It's cool with a color screen and all, but 256 colors? I haven't thought about the "web palette" since '97!
  • With the backilght turned off the screen is completely unreadable.
  • It's Slow. Not unusable, but seriously, why does the interface have to be so sluggish? Geez!

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So I read that Ask got his T68i working with his Mac for internet access. I wish I could say Read More

So I read that Ask got his T68i working with his Mac for internet access. I wish I could say Read More


Are they 256 predetermined colours or 256 customisable colours?

iirc, the problem with windows was that the browsers couldn't/wouldn't customise
the palette.

It's 256 predetermined colors. Icons and graphics looks neato. Adding a lot of contrast to photos and squeezing the levels makes them pass too; but it's not a Powerbook LCD.

If you could point me at how you got T-Mobile/CSD working, I'd *really* appreciate it because I've been beating on my T68M now for about two months and haven't managed to do shit with it. :(


I used the instructions at to set it up to WAP around on the T-Mobile and Sony Ericsson pages. For other pages it seemed to fetch them (could see that in the access log) but not show them. I think you just need to use a regular ISP account (and maybe a public WAP gateway or something) for that.

- ask

I was also looking into buying this model. My only question is if you have some sort of limitation of size in the email->SMS gateway ?

I'm basically trying to receive contact emails but they may end up getting too big and being truncated. How does this work in the T68i ?


I don't think an SMS can be more than 160 characters. However, the phone can chop it up into several messages so when you write from phone to phone and maybe from the phone to the email gateway it'll support longer messages.

The email to SMS gateway T-Mobile runs does not split the messages (but will just send you whatever fits in the 160 characters).

- ask

The bluetooth dongle that Apple sell on/at the Apple store works really well; and is cheap(ish - I was buying on the £ ;-) ) It's the D-Link DWB-120M.
once you have that the integration between address book, isync and ical just rocks!

Yeah, I know. But I want to wait until I can get the 17" or a new 15" with Bluetooth instead of buying the adapter. My kind of logic; I'm too cheap to spend $50 because I'm going to spend +$3000 soon enough. :-)

- ask

does anyone know how to configure the T68i as a wireless modem with Mac OS X? I'm super confused!!!

Does anyone know the SMS gateway address for T-Mobile United States? (IE:


Mike Cromie

- ask

I hear a long tone after 3 seconds when I make a call. How can I turn off it?

I use T68i and I hear a long tone after 3 seconds when I make a call. How can I turn off it?

I'm using iSync & T68i. The address book syncs really well but iCall gives constant synchronisation failures. I've searched the internet for discussions, tried all check box combinations in iSync... I've no clue whatsoever. Anyone???

I am using Saanlo Mobile Phone Book Manager for my t68i. You can use IRDA to connect your mobile to PC. You can add/change/save/print/export/import the mobile numbers & also send SMS. Try

i have sony ercisson t68i
when i put to recharge it send me this massege
"fast recharge"what that mean


I have tried to iSync my T68i over an MSI and the D-Link dongle. Pairing the bluetooth was no problem. iSync goes flawlessly towards "cleaning up" but then it suddenly gives a "device is not available" warning/alert and nothing appears to be sync'ed... :(

Can anybody help me out?

Best regards and thanks in advance,


Can I export all my SMS on the T68i to my Apple Powerbook?


a nice little shareware called GSM remote (from does most things isync promises to do but fails to deliver...10 bucks not bad...

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