Convert a text file to use short Metamark urls

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This should be useful to authors of the Perl summaries and such, which was my main reason for making Metamark.

Beware that you need to install URI::Find and WWW::Shorten. WWW::Shorten requires about two billion other modules (mostly indirectly), so be sure to use the CPAN shell to install them.

   # perl -MCPAN -e shell
   install URI::Find WWW::Shorten
Oh, and you can of course use one of the other shortening services that WWW::Shorten supports.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

# (this was in pod; but MovableType strips my '=cut' so I changed it to a comment)
# Read a text line by line from standard input; convert long urls to short metamark urls
# and output to standard out.                       
use WWW::Shorten 'Metamark', ':short';
use URI::Find;

my $finder = URI::Find->new(
   sub {
     my($uri, $orig_uri) = @_;
     if( length $uri > 35 or $uri =~ m![^\w./_:?%]!) {
       return short_link($orig_uri) || $orig_uri;
     return $orig_uri;

while (<>) {
  my $text = $_;
  print $text;


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