Where are my tabs?!


safari_icon.jpgI just sent a bug report to Apple for Safari: "No tabs. I can't open a new window in a new tab. Where are my tabs? I can't figure out to surf the web without tabs. Please give me my tabs back. Can I have my tabs? Please don't make such a cool browser but forget the tabs. Please put the tabs back in. In closing, I would like to add that it would be very nice if Safari could get tabs."

I can't figure out who it was anymore, but somewhere someone wrote he was missing the "Home" button. It can be enabled in the View menu.

I am missing having the text input part of the "choose a file" form fields. Usually I type in the file name instead of choosing it when I need to upload a file; but maybe that's just me. The whole mouse clickidiclick thing doesn't work very well for me.

Update: JY told me about his neat idea for how tabs could work.


That was me. I found it about two hours after writing that. :-)

Ah, yes it was you Derek. I kept thinking it was someone at use.perl.org, but could not find it there.

Your Lego set is way too cool. I have a half built Space Shuttle I bought on Ebay some years ago that I don't seem to ever take time to finish.


The browser isn't your window manager. Multiple browser windows shouldn't be managed by your browser. I am sure you can find something about it in the HIG http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Essentials/AquaHIGuidelines/index.html

> The browser isn't your window manager.
> Multiple browser windows shouldn't be managed by your browser.

I agree that the browser is not the window manager; but I disagree that each URL needs to be a window.

I think of each window as a "task set". Each task has multiple url locations open. A bit like work sheets in Excel.

- ask

Tabs in browsers are a must.
That's why Opera is the best browser on the windoze and linux platforms.
An URL is not a window, just like each document should not reside in its own window when you edit text files.
I have a texteditor for windows with tabs (NoteTab), Homesite has TABs for documents and so on.
Tabs are the way to go.

hi.i was just wondering how to set up my tabs on my e-mail account.i want to make them sutable to write up a CV.

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