Powerbook G4 Ads

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big and smallApple also made an all too funny ad for the new 12" and 17" Powerbooks they introduced at Macworld. (local copy).

Are they done with the /switch stuff for now? Will we see a new ad campaign soon?

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Gotta love Apple's sense of humor. Thanks Ask for pointing this out. Read More

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New switch ads are coming, at least to print media.

Our company was profiled in their upcoming "small business switch" campaign. Unfortunately, because I was working from home quite a distance away, I wasn't the lucky one who got interviewed/photographed for the ads, it was the VP who I convinced to go for it. (That's probably just as well anyway, "VP of IT" means a lot more than "Sysadmin" on ads like that, and we want them to succeed obviously). All because of our in-process conversion of our entire employee base from Wintel to iMacs. (the only folks who aren't slated for conversion are ornery senior management folks and sales folks with Act! installed)

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