TiBook coming to a desk near me!


tibook.jpgI just ordered a new Powerbook from PowerMax. They were out of 512MB memory blocks, so it won't ship until Monday or Tuesday. The horror. The horror. 1GB memory. 1GHz CPU. External keyboard so I can set it up with my 21" monitor. 64MB video memory to run the 21" monitor. Firewire ports to connect to the DSR-11. Superdrive so I can make DVDs. 60GB disk. I can't wait. Please don't be late.


> Drool. :-)

Indeed! I am considering just going to bed and stay there until the UPS guy comes next week.

I told you: Forget the iBook go for a Ti as a real upgrade from the Pismo.


Um, I think that the 1GHz TiBook comes with a superdrive -- you won't even need the external superdrive!



i just got the same machine (still waiting for the apple store to get it's shipment of RAM so i can get my extra 512 megs though).

it's so nice... quite literally the coolest machine i've ever owned.

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